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A unique LICENSING opportunity with an exceptional track record and excellent support.

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Introducing C.A. Sports Consulting

Over 350 players in college

3 Time National Champions

2008 18- Open Champions

2006 18-Open Champions

2006 Neil Mason is Awarded the Olympic Development Coach of the Year for Volleyball

2004 17 – Open Champions

Timeline for starting a new TCA club or Non TCA club

1-Initial Phone Conversation and Assessment. Determine the fit and the viability of a club in your area.

2 – Follow-up phone call to go over logistics, strategy, goal setting and tactical approach to building a club.

3-Review Contract and paperwork

4-Super Camp or Pre Tryout Clinic (optional)

5-Tryouts and starting the club

Process from start to finish can take as short as 3 weeks or up to 6 months based on specifics. The average club takes about 3 months to start.

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A History of Success:

We are not just another volleyball club.  For over almost two decades, we have been developing and refining a variety of systems that have led to the successful development of sports performance training and youth volleyball clubs around the nation.  We have studied the best players and systems in the nation, conducted thousands of hours of study and research, and have now positioned ourselves to offer these same systems to others so that you can not only share in our success, but also create your own high performance sports club.  We can help your athletes, but more importantly help you, understand how they stack up against their competition, what you need to do to get better, so that you can grow your own successful business, knowing you have an experienced partner at your immediate call.

Immediate Access:

When you engage our services, you have automatic access to some of the top leaders in the sports performance management business.  Our National Advisory Board is here to help you every step of the way – from forming a club, with all the hurdles that brings , from contractual legal and accounting issues that go along with that, to securing facilities, to hiring coaches/trainers, to the implementation of sound training systems for both coaches and players, to website development, to administrative guidance on running a club, to providing access to recruiting experts, and everything in between, we are excited to present our concept of “Club in a Box.”  As a sports performance training company, we are the industry leaders in developing junior athletes across the nation.  We are actively looking for qualified leaders to join our team.  Benefit from our successes, and avoid common start up pitfalls.   We have developed a seamless process to help you succeed and optimize competitive advantages at every level.   When you become part of our team, you walk into a world where maximizing athletic potential in junior players, helps you maximize your profit potentials.  We will help you assess your strengths at weaknesses, plan a system of revenue streams and then develop a plan to put you in charge of your own business immediately.

Ongoing support:

Once you become part of our team, we are here to help you every step of the way.  Although we have developed many tried and true and successful systems, we are ALWAYS interested in hearing your ideas!  How do you define success?  What projects do you have in mind?  Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years?  How can we help you get where you want to be?

The Right Partner?  

We have been successful in starting clubs with many people from varied backgrounds. We are recruiting and awarding business opportunities to people with an entrepreneurial spirit.   The ideal person would not necessarily have a business background, but more of a business acumen to develop and grow our brand throughout the U.S.  To join us, you do not have to leave your current career or job to be a gym owner and you do not have to have a background in volleyball… we will help you recruit, and train your staff.  Previous Industry Experience is Not Necessary with Our Turnkey Business System.
Complete Athlete has developed a winning business formula. We offer a low starting investment, and a high margin business opportunity. All you need to bring is your entrepreneurial spirit! We give our business owners every advantage to help ensure their success. We have developed a turnkey business plan for rapid development of new club openings and quicker profitability.    From parents wanting to start a club, to successful college coaches wanting to expand their income streams, from teachers looking for a different source of income in a down economy, to businessmen looking for additional opportunities to earn money from a sport they love, to a married couple looking to spend their off time building wealth, we have found successful business relationships with a myriad of business partners.

Access to other Unique Opportunities.

It’s not just a business, it’s a world of opportunities for those that become part of our circle. In 2012 New Year, we partnered with Bring it Promotions company to take a group of players and coaches to ITALY. The players enjoyed all inclusive travel and entertainment, as well as matches against Italian national teams, professional teams, and club teams.  The coaches enjoyed interacting, sharing stories, professional development, and hanging out with Penn State coaching legend, Russ Rose.
Although every situation is different, here are a few of our unique selling propositions that we can offer to our customers:

Strategic Planning:

First, we want to help you define what it is that you want.  It could be anything from starting a new TCA Club, to starting up a new non TCA club, to transforming an existing club, to wanting to partner, to brokering our products and services, or any combination thereof.   The very first step is to discover and identify what you are looking for.  Some clients just want our experts to come in for a weekend and train their coaches or players, and we are happy to oblige.  Others want winning programs that focus on building the competitive side of the game.  Still others want to learn how to be more efficient in their use of resources. Others want to implement a volleytots program or specialize in volleyball for the younger players. Whatever it is that you want help with, we will be there waiting to assist you. What do you want out of your sports club?  What are your goals?  How will you differentiate yourself from other clubs?  Do you know who your competitors are?  We can help you strategize and set up a plan of attack.  Don’t forget that you will have access to a national team of experts to guide you throughout the process.

Quality Uniforms at a fair price.

We directly import our uniforms from China.  In fact, we currently outfit some of the nation’s top clubs, and have specific plans to quadruple that business.  What that means for you, is very high quality uniforms at very reasonable prices.  We outfit all of our teams in very high quality apparel.  In fact, we can provide you with “blanks” or customize the items with your current club logos.  If you have coaches in your club that also coach at middle schools or high schools, we can even offer you a referral fee or discount off of your club uniforms.   Ask us how!

Special pricing on volleyball equipment products.

We have developed exclusive relationships which insure that we have special pricing on things like volleyballs and carts and nets from  top of the line vendors. As a partner with us, we pass these specially negotiated low prices on to you.

Quality Website Development.

Once again, we can help you develop a website  based on your needs.

Comprehensive Marketing Experience.

We know what works, and even more importantly, what doesn’t. Your marketing efforts can determine the success or failure of your newly established club.  We can help you gather necessary demographic data to identify your target market.  We can give you guided advice and multiple templates to help you attract the type of players that you want.  From setting up clinics in neighborhood feeder schools, to using large databases of e-mails to taking advantage of social media advertising techniques, we allow you access to proven marketing techniques that you can use in your own backyard.
Some of the techniques include Facebook and Instagram Marketing with the use of targeted and sponsored posts. We can help you create a custom campaign for your area and target potential customers.
Flyers and other physical marketing tools. We  work with graphic designers who can create flyers for your events. We also have on staff website and app designers that can create a digital presence for you.

Comprehensive Promotional Experience.

We regularly are featured in national volleyball magazines.  We have written numerous articles and often purchase group space to advertise.  We regularly reach national markets, and encourage you to piggy back off of our success. We will show you how.

Grass Roots Promotional Techniques.  

We have tried and true methods to promote using grass roots techniques. We have learned what works well, and even more importantly what doesn’t. We will help you capitalize on our successes, and provide templates to increase your exposure, and help you avoid the pitfalls or traps that we have fallen into.

Branding Assistance.

We have worked tirelessly and have spent significant resources for almost two decades to build our national brand for TCA, Team Complete Athlete. This has allowed us to expand nationally.  Our brand insures that our customers know what to expect.  You can now share in this brand.   Rather than continue to build on our own, we are looking for partners to franchise the name, and continue to enjoy the benefits of being associated with TCA. You can now own the club, adhering to proven principles, but still administrate the club however you would like. Be your own boss, create your own company, but let us know how you would like to maximize the return on your investment.

Practice Planning.

We know what it takes to build a number one team. We also know what it takes to build a team that just wants to have fun…and the training systems are different.  We will provide you with a series of drills designed to get the results that you want.  We will help you design and implement a proven practice training system from beginning to end. Whether you choose to review the curriculum on-line, or want to experience a more personal coaching experience, we can provide you with whatever works best for you.    If you would like further one-on-one training, then we would be happy to send out a nationally recognized team of experts to show you on your own turf how to best train your team.

Additional Income Streams.

Let’s face it.  Club volleyball is usually a seasonal business. We can share with you alternative streams of income to help you generate income all year round. We can provide you with products, club models, camp template, uniform sales, clinics, leagues, private lessons, and other income generating activities.  Ask us how.


We can teach you how to do a supercamp which can bring in a substantial amount of additional income.  Or, we can partner with you and bring our national staff in to help train your players and coaches.  This is usually a fun and profitable experience, and a great way to jump start a new club or club season.

Facilities Procurement.

We can help you determine the “dos” and “don’ts” of facility procurements.  We will help you  use our honed negotiating skills and techniques to insure you save money. We will  provide you with contracts, including but not limited to non-complete clauses, and show you how to make the most efficient and cost effective use of courts during the season.  We can also help you locate facilities in locations that you may never even have thought of looking.

Risk Management.

As your club gets bigger, and you accumulate more assets, it will become imperative to minimize your risk of loss. We have established a myriad of contractual agreements to help protect you.  We will help you implement player agreements, parent agreements,  coaches agreements, facility agreements, partnership agreements, non-compete, non-disclosure, and other clauses that will become essential as you grow your club.  In addition, we will connect you with risk minimization specialists who specialize in sports club insurance.


Nationally Recognized Training Experts.

We have nationally renowned training experts across the country that will insure that you are using the most updated, state of the art training methods to accomplish the goals that you establish for your club.  They are just a phone call away, or we can bring them in person to you. Just let us know what best fits with your needs and we will make it happen.

Access to Top Recruitment Advice & Services.

We have streamlined the recruiting process to help our players get recruited. We have put together a top slate of experts to help strategically market and position your players so that they maximize their recruiting potential.  When you join our team you have immediate access to a nationwide network of college coaches. We have placed hundreds of players in college — most on full ride scholarships.  We offer access to a proven recruiting service and many, many, many players come back to thank us years later as they play the game they love, while earning their degrees.  We have placed players at most top 25 schools and have many more in the recruiting pipeline.  Many of our players have also gone on to play professionally after their collegiate careers have ended.

Apparel revenue.

We can help you procure clothing items that you can sell at whatever mark ups you desire.  We can supply you with spirit ware for your club, additional uniform items for your players, window clings, bumper stickers or any other items of your choice.  With some programs, you have unlimited access to our artwork and licensing agreements, in other programs you can purchase rights for whatever you need to accomplish your goals.

Billing and Collections.

We have collection experts and CPA’s on staff to help you streamline this important administrative task.  We can provide you with a canned program within a website to assist you with your collection process, or can recommend alternative systems to make sure you collect the money you have worked hard to earn.  We provide standard player contracts, alternative longer term contracts, trades in exchange for dues contracts, as well as small claims advice  and/or what to do when your players don’t pay.

Blueprint of a Champion.  

We have developed an interactive, proprietary goal setting workbook for young athletes.  This step by step goal setting program, with “Champion” interviews, stories, and quotes interspersed throughout , has become a hallmark of TCA Volleyball.  Your players will learn step by step about passion, vision, goal setting, and how to set step by step plans to achieve what they want out of life.  New and improved this season, you can purchase individual programs, a site license fee, or other customized program to insure that your athletes learn goal setting skills that will help them on the court, but more importantly off the court.  Be the first to utilize upcoming “apps” and other offshoots of this successful program.

VB  Training Center.

 In addition to your club program, we can help your athletes train throughout the year.  We can either help you train athletes by setting up local training center programs, or teach you how to do the same and significantly increase your revenue streams.

 Dealing with Various constituent groups.

We have learned tried and true methods to help you deal with all the constituent groups that you will be working with.  We can help you with documentation and advice designed to increase harmony with all the various “players” that will become part of running your club.

Expansion Opportunities.

 Once you get your new club up and running, you will quickly learn that you can reap the rewards of the economies  of scale and start up other clubs.  We have many partners who started with one TCA, and quickly learned to expand opening either other TCA’s or unique entities designed to reach specific targeted groups. We will be happy to structure a deal which gives you the rights to open other TCA’s after a successful first season. We want you to be successful.

Foundation Opportunities.

A 501C3 Corporation, Complete Athlete Foundation for Kids. We can help you help underprivileged youth in your area, or even help negotiate lower gym fees through our non-profit entity.

Other Administrative Matters.

There are so many other facets to running a successful club business. We can provide you with guidance on tournament registration, and we can help you learn what works and what doesn’t work.  What colors should be used by your team?  Do you need a logo or not?  Do you need a front person in your club?  How many administrative staffing people (if any) do you need?  What age groups should you focus on?  How many players should you carry on your team? Do you know your breakeven point?  Do you need an office?  How often and how much should you pay your coaches?  Should your team travel or not?  Should you play in JO qualifiers or not?  Should you have two coaches per team or not?   Do all teams need their own court, or what are the benefits of court sharing? We have learned many things over the past decade.  We have learned what works, and even more importantly what hasn’t and we will be happy to advise you accordingly.

Shorten the learning curve.  

We have learned many lessons over the past decade.  We have learned what works, and even more importantly what doesn’t.  We can help you minimize the risks that comes with starting a new business.  Our learning curve has already been drawn. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  We have developed a successful “club in a box” model where you can start your club off right the moment you decide to do so.  Your learning curve will be more of a straight line from start up to success.

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Advisory & Consulting Services

We offer Sports Consulting and Advisory Services to clubs across the nation, and even in Canada. We can give you immediate access to some of the best minds in volleyball. Whether you need help with strategic planning to take your current club to the next level, or are interested in starting a TCA club locally, please give us a call or email us at

We can also provide you with uniforms direct from the manufacturer, help you take advantage of specially negotiated discounts on volleyball equipment (balls, carts, ankle braces, etc) and help you market and promote your club to YOUR target audience. Whether you are looking to improve your performance on the court and implement proven training systems that have led to multiple national championships, or you just want to learn more about the business side of volleyball, we can help you.

Perhaps you just want to breathe some new life into your existing club; invite us into your neighborhood for a weekend and we will provide you, your coaches, and your players with an activity filled agenda of fun combined with instruction.

Need recruiting help? We have placed hundreds of athletes in college; most with full ride scholarships. We can also show you how to augment current income streams and create additional income streams to help smooth out the off-season (i.e. camps, clinics, leagues, small group clinics, lessons, etc.)

We look forward to talking to you!


Who is responsible to oversee and direct training and development?

TCA or Team Complete Athlete is the collaborative effort of some of the most successful and experienced coaches in club volleyball today.  Along with Founder and National Director Neil Mason, our Staff not only consists of volleyball coaches, but also professionals, business owners and parents of TCA Graduates. Our team brings over 100 years of combined coaching experience, and all have been at the top of the game at various levels: High School, Club, Collegiate, and International competition. This collection of men and women help guide and shape the vision and philosophy for training all the players at TCA Volleyball Club.

How does all of this work?

We offer many packages to help you get started.  We will work through a solution for you based on your needs.  If you have adequate capital, you may benefit from paying an up front “franchise” fee, so that you can get started right away on building your own TCA club (or non-TCA club) and benefit from paying smaller royalty payments.
Do you lack start up capital?  We can still help you.  Some prospective owners prefer to jointly own a TCA and after paying larger royalty percentage fees over a specific time period, we can then turn the club over to you to run as you see fit.
Do you want to start a brand new club?  We can help you start a club from scratch.  We can work out a consulting arrangement from a pre-defined menu of options.
Create your own menu!   Perhaps you just want to purchase uniforms and utilize our training techniques, or perhaps you just want us to jump start your club by running a super camp, we are here for you!  Let’s discuss what your needs are, so we can customize a club specific to your needs.

10 Common Questions About Starting a TCA Business:
1. How can I open a TCA or non-TCA Volleyball club?
We are seeking energetic, high qualified individuals to join our team. Prior business experience is not as important as the will and drive to succeed.  We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in making money in a sport that they love.  Give us a call or send us an email at and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.
2. How much money do I need to open a business?
We will discuss your financial position and come up with a plan that fits your budget.  You can choose to pay a larger down payment and smaller percentages over time.  If you don’t have the resources to do so, we can talk about ways to defer the start up costs.
3. How much are the percentages and other annual fees?
This is all negotiable depending on your financial situation and how much capital infusion you make up front.  We are willing to work with you to make this business partnership happen.
4. What are the average revenues of a TCA club?
That varies widely by area – AND by how aggressive you want to be. Some TCA owners are aggressive and have 20 teams, and some owners want to start off slow and grow the business over time.  Some have started out with 2-3 teams and consistently grown from year to year.  It’s more about how quickly you want to grow your business and how much time you are willing to invest to make it happen.
5. How much can I make as a TCA owner?
Again, it’s up to you. Some owners are  looking for a part time supplement to their current incomes, and some owner’s have gone “all in” and made this their full time income generator. We have some director make up to $100,000 per year, others have made several thousand dollars per month.
6. Does TCA offer financing?
No, however, we can adjust levels of start up capital required, and defer such amounts by structuring a program that works within your budget.
7. How long does it take to open a club?
Each location Is different, but with the right planning, we can have your new club up and running very quickly. The sooner you get started recruiting players, the more quickly your club can grow.
8. What kind of training can I expect?
We have training manuals, videos, but the best training is probably one on one. We will come to your location to help you train your players and staff. The level of training is tailored to your needs.
9. Why Start my own club.
We are currently living through the best time in history to starting your own business. Whether it’s technology, or the entrepreneurial spirit, being your own boss has never been as attainable of a goal. There are financial advantages as well including tax write offs, making your own schedule and creating your own personal brand and legacy.
10. I’m interested in pursuing this further. What should I do next?
Send us an email at  Provide a brief summary about what you are looking for and one of our top level management professionals will contact you to discuss how we can get started.

Ten Reasons to Consider Starting Your Own Club and Volleyball Business

  1. A proven formula!  It’s all about systems.  You are joining a proven S.Y.S.T.E.M.  (Save Yourself  Stress Time Energy and Money).  You will avoid major hurdles that a start up business can and will face. We have worked through the kinks and have developed a firm foundation for your success.  We have almost everything systemized and ready for you.  We will be by your side for advice every step of the way — from marketing and branding, to recruiting players, to running the club, college scholarship assistance to dealing with all of the administrative issues.  We have made this a turnkey business concept and we look forward to working with you!  We challenge you to think about what it would take (and how long) to start up your own business that would start earning an immediate income stream.
  2. Flexible Capital Requirements.  Due to tightening lending practice, many future business owners find it very difficult to fund traditional franchises.  Depending on your financial situation, we can help find a fit that is right for you, even deferring much of the traditional start up costs.  Ask us for specifics!
  1. You have a built in support system! We have been through all the steps before.  We have worked out favorable gym terms, we have developed multiple business contracts, have hired coaches across the nations, planned out tryouts, coordinated drills and practice plans, have a step by step plan for recruiting players into the club, and later into college.  You will avoid the common pitfalls, because we have already made the mistakes.  You will reap the benefits of having a professional management team at your disposal.
  1. You can be your own boss! You call the shots, manage the schedule, and run the show.  You are the entrepreneur.  You will love the flexibility and power that comes from being your own boss.  You are 100% in charge.
  1. Tremendous potential for strong ROI – With available low entry cost points to start your own club, you can put your talents and hard work and efforts to the test to directly benefit you.
  1. Starting a business in a down economy can provide tremendous not seen advantages. We realize that this is a tight economy, but we are willing to help you start in at the right time, at the right price, to reap greater benefits down the road.
  1. Name Recognition is key!  Consumers generally frequent those businesses in which they feel comfortable. We have spent 16 years developing, improving, and refining our brand.  Our players and families value the consistency they find in our name – and in our systems – and you will find players wanting to play for a name that they have become familiar with. For almost 2 decades TCA has become synonymous with excellence on the court, in the community and college scholarships. 
  1.   Secondary source of income.  It’s no secret that additional ways to make money and supplement your current income can be helpful for any family. Whether you are a baby boomer, fresh out of college, or currently a college volleyball coach, joining our team can bring the flexibility of being your own boss, while providing another income stream.  Part time and full time opportunities are possible when you start your own club.
  1. Your chance of success is much higher.  We believe that our proven concepts will help you earn your investment back many times over.  We love volleyball. We are passionate about the sport, and have found a way to profit from the game that we love.  We will use our experience of success (and failures) to help lead the way – and help you share in the success.
  1. Volleyball! Volleyball! VOLLEYBALL!!!! We have experience working with the highest level of teams (National Championship Club teams), to several (high school teams and beginner middle school teams).  Winning on the court starts with excellent training. We have a proven system to teach you how to train your players from the ground up.

Not ready to go “All In” quite yet?

No Problem.  Let’s spend a weekend together!  TCA Director Neil Mason will come to your city and run a camp or series of clinics for you.  This will get all parties a chance to work together and create a hand in hand plan for the ultimate success in your city.