TCA History

Over 300 players in college

3 Time National Champions

2008 18- Open Champions

2006 18-Open Champions

2006 Neil Mason is Awarded the Olympic Development Coach of the Year for Volleyball

2004 17 – Open Champions

We are not just another volleyball club

For over almost two decades, we have been developing and refining a variety of systems that have led to the successful development of sports performance training and youth volleyball clubs around the nation. We have studied the best players and systems in the nation, conducted thousands of hours of study and research, and have now positioned ourselves to offer these same systems to others so that you can not only share in our success, but also create your own high performance sports club. We can help your athletes, but more importantly help you, understand how they stack up against their competition, what you need to do to get better, so that you can grow your own successful business, knowing you have an experienced partner at your immediate call.



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TCA in the Media

New TCA club offers area players national exposure – Jefferson Forest volleyball coach Steve Mills likes to look at the big picture when it comes to developing athletes to reach their highest potential in the sport.

The state director for Virginia’s new Team Complete Athlete (TCA) Volleyball club, based in Madison Heights (Full Article)

Passing: Simple Moves and Good Misses – At TCA we use a phrase: Methods are many but principles are few. Most people would agree that the pass and serve battle in volleyball is critical. Simply put, it is the greatest predictor of success and ultimately determines the win. The game of volleyball places a very strong emphasis on these two skills. I recognize that as one travels across the country, volleyball coaches and players have a variety of methods they teach in order to improve passing skills. [Full Article]

Developing the Complete Athlete: Coaching Volleyball Magazine- I My fear that our athletes today are losing a trait that once revered in the generation of athletes before them. The notion of hard work, encompassing such thoughts as ‘practice until you get it right’ seems to have been replaced with complacency and lackadasical mindset that fosters coolness instead of commitment.

The burning passion, desire and commitment of doing whatever it takes to become the best seems to have been replaced with an attitude of watching others become better from the sidelines. The days of players asking, ‘ Coach can I come early to work on my passing?’ is now replaced with players choosing clubs based on how infrequently the club teams practice. The notion of instant gratification, where one works diligently for an extended period of time and then achieves the desired result. (Full Article)

Jump Serving: Your Way to Success  (May 2009)  –One of the tenants of TCA Volleyball is our belief in teaching players to be aggressive and not fear making mistakes. A great example of this is how we train serving, specifically the jump serve. (FULL ARTICLE)

Break Glass In Case Of Emergency (TCA COaches Corner in Volleyball Magazine April 2009) – When it comes to defense there are four types of balls. There’s the easy ball right at you, the hard hit ball right at you, the easy ball away from you, and the hard ball away from you. In order to be great at defensive player you need to be able to consistantly create scoring opportunity of the first three types of balls. In order to be a greaty defensive player, you also need to create scoring opportunities off that hard hit ball away from you. (Full Article)

Vegas Powerhouse (March 2009)- Janet Spelman heard music to her ears as she and her daughter, Hayley, walked into the Nevada Juniors volleyball practice in Las Vegas.“I’ll never forget the girls turned around and said, ‘oh, my God, I wish I was as tall as you….

Bring on the Boys (VB Rages Magazine – Winter 2009)-  As TCA Volleyball kicks off its boys program this season, the clubs new Director of Operations, Steve Aird, will seek to leverage the club’s successful model, which has produced three National Girls 18 Open Championship in the last 5 years. 

Neil Mason Blue Print of a Champion Presentation for AVCA Convention – TCA Founder and Director Neil Mason presented an inspiring and uplifting message to a packed house of college and club coaches at the annual AVCA convention held in Sacramento, CA last week. In a standing room only crowd gathered to hear how Coach Mason is implementing goal setting techniques for success in life and sports, he led the participants through a plan of action and challenged the coaches to implement the same techniques in their own lives. These same core concepts will be used throughout every team in the TCA organization. 

Setting Your Team To Success – Coaching Volleyball Magazine March 2008 –Without argument, most coaches would agree that great setting may very well be the most important factor in a teams offensive success. What may be more debatable is how we should train our setters to create the best environment for learning.  Over the years, many coaches have emphasized a great deal of perfect pass (in system) repetitions with a coach tossing thousands of balls to a stationary setter. The coach tosses ball after ball with the setter being told exactly where to set and often how often each set. 30 Balls to the left side, then 30 balls to the right side, followed by 30 quick sets and 30 combination sets. Thirty baskets, 30 back row sets to the left side, and finally concluding with 30 dumps.

Big Bump – Orange County Business Journal (May 2009) – This article from the Orange County Business Journal discusses the challenges that both players and clubs face as the sport of volleyball continues to expand. With college recruiting starting earlier in youth sports, more pressure is added to parents, players, and coaches.

TCA Gatorade Player of the Year History

On December 15, 2008 Gatorade Company along with ESPN Rise magazine announced not one but four TCA Volleyball members as Players of the Year for their state.

TCA is the first club team to harbor four girls from four different states to be awarded this title.

The winners represent three TCA clubs across the country, Southern California, New Jersey, and Baltimore. The four recipients of the award are Ariel Scott -New Jersey, Bailey Webster- Maryland, Haley Spelman – Nevada, and Lauren Corp- California.

Founder and Director of TCA Neil Mason had this to say, “ We are very proud of the four young women who have received this highly celebrated award. It is a testament to their hard work and commitment to excellence and success. It is an honor for TCA to be associated with such prestigious organizations as Gatorade and ESPN. It is a very exciting time for TCA; we are training some of the best volleyball athletes in the country and they are taking the skills they have learned to their high schools and more importantly transferring them into essential life skills.”

These four special young ladies will continue their education and playing career into college next year representing 3 out of the 4 final four teams of 2009. Ariel Scott will be attending Penn State, Bailey Webster will be attending University of Texas, Haley Spelman will be attending Stanford University, and Lauren Corp will be attending St. Mary’s. The TCA family would like to congratulate this special group of young women for their accomplishments and all who helped them achieve this historical event.


In 1985, The Gatorade Company established an award honoring America’s elite high school student-athletes. Now in its third decade of celebrating the nation’s best prep athletes, the Gatorade Player of the Year awards have become the most prestigious accolade in high school sports. The Gatorade Player of the Year program annually recognizes one award-winner in the District of Columbia and each of the 50 states that sanction high school football, girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, baseball, softball and boys and girls track & field. This field of candidates represents a prep-athlete pool of more than 5.4 million competitors. Today, the award’s legacy is built upon the achievement of more than 9,000 State and 197 National Players of the Year honored during that time.

Amongst Gatorade Player of the Year award alumni, fans will discover names like Emmitt Smith, Lisa Leslie, Peyton Manning, Kerri Walsh, Derek Jeter, and Allyson Felix. These champions represent only a handful of exceptional talents who were first recognized by the Gatorade Player of the Year program before shining at the highest levels of competition and beyond. As its award enters a 24th season