What We Do

More than $30,000,000 in scholarships earned

Over 350 players in college

 3 Time National Champions

 2008 18- Open Champions

2006 18-Open Champions

2006 Neil Mason is Awarded the Olympic Development Coach of the Year for Volleyball

2004 17 – Open Champions

There is no substitute for hard work; there are no short cuts for success. There are no easy roads to achieve worthwhile goals. Everything precious in life requires goal setting, discipline, determination, persistence, commitment, and a passion to succeed. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence that makes a TCA athlete different from others.


If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. We are committed and that is what makes us different. We believe in competitive greatness, which means doing your best when your best is needed and enjoying the challenge of a difficult situation. Winning is the important but your daughter’s improvement is most important.


We teach the values of commitment on and off the court. Of course, we cannot guarantee success, but we know that success takes guts and staying power to make it as an elite athlete. A total commitment on and off the court – at practice and even during off time is required of our athletes.


Character in a player is just as important as the athletic skills that our players possess. History proves that the culmination of all “little things” emphasizes the fact there are no the little things. All athletes, especially the great ones, understand and enjoy the mastery of little things.


The foundation to all success is the setting and pursuit of stated goals. We expect all players to set a goal of excellence and in turn strive for it. We know that the skills taught in volleyball can and will transfer into life skills off the court. We work on both the mental and the physical sides of the game with our athletes. We train them to work hard for what they want, and that giving up or giving in is never an option.

Vision Statement

Our unified vision is to create an environment where we can provide character development, build self esteem, and teach valuable skill sets and good sportsmanship, while providing fun through the game of volleyball. This environment will enrich the players, coaches, and parents by incorporating core values such as work ethic, persistence, discipline, determination, competition, goal setting and accountability. This vision will create winning players with universal core values who will positively contribute to multiple communities throughout the nation.

Camps and Clinics

2016 / 2017 TCA Team Satellite Camp / High School Camp / Club Camp and Coaching Clinic

See here for full details 

Player Evaluations, Recruiting Information & Advisory & Consulting Services

If you have $200,000 put aside for college, and the money is burning a hole in your pocket and your daughter can get into any school of her choice. Then this information is NOT for you!

If we agree a college scholarship is potentially worth $200,000, how hard would you work for it? Many people treat it like the lotto. Buy a ticket, pray and HOPE. It’s not the lotto, it’s a job. YOU work now you get paid later.

For those of you who are not lucky enough to win the lotto Let’s get Started!

What’s on the line? How much can this potential be worth to you?

  • Get into a good school as a preferred walk on (UCSD,UCLA)
  • Get a scholarship to a school not of your ideal dreams (save $30-50,000/year)
  • Get a scholarship to the school of your choice

Paradigm shift

OLD: I hope I will get recruited (passive)
NEW: I will take all necessary steps to get recruited(directive)
OLD: I will let someone else (director, high school coach, club coach do the work)
NEW: I will take this most important matter in my own hands

New Paradigm

If I work hard enough, do enough research, ask the right questions and follow up, I can get to college.

“it’s not that we are not asking the right or wrong questions. The problems is that we are not asking enough questions” — anonymous

What you can do NOW (for FREE!):

  • Make a decision to play in college and get a scholarship
  • Ask TCA for help, our staff has experience we can help
  • Research ALL level of colleges in and out of state
  • Be humble – USC / Stanford only recruits 2-3 players a year
  • Email college coaches
  • Call college coaches
  • Visit college coaches
  • Follow up
  • Film your club and high school matches
  • Make a video
  • Be proactive
  • Remember this is a business for college coaches
  • Understand the NCAA rules and terminology

We realize that there are a lot of variables in the recruiting process and it can also sometimes get overwhelming. Therefore we have created the TCA Recruiting LAB as a resource that will provide you support throughout your journey. Our LAB is designed to help you create a plan of action, give you pieces to that action, and provide personal
attention to your needs.
Here are a few examples of what you can find in the LAB:
1. Copy of Form Letter to send to colleges
2. Information on making a recruiting video
3. Information on how to get yourself recruited
4. Information on how to identify your Best Fit
5. Questions to ask College Coaches
6. A sample plan of action you can follow

Click here to download our Recruiting Lab PDF and for more info and help creating a personalised Action Plan please contact us.